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What is NAYB?

North Attleboro Youth Basketball

NAYB is an organization that provides the children of North Attleboro the opportunity to improve their basketball skills by competing in the MetroWest Basketball league (  MetroWest is a competitive basketball league for boys and girls in 4th-8th grades.  Approximately 70 Massachusetts towns and over 1000 teams compete in this league. NAYB is not an AAU program. It is a town developmental program aimed at providing a higher level of competition for the kids with the goal of improving their skills through more frequent practices and competition with other towns.

Team Placement

Metro West has five divisions (Divisions 1-5) with 1 being the highest level of talent.  Teams are placed in a division that will provide the appropriate level of competition.

Evaluations and Tryouts

NAYB holds tryouts in the fall for boys and girls in grades 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Children must attend at least one tryout, but are strongly encouraged to show up for both dates.  The tryouts are a combination of skills & drills and competitive games (i.e. 1:1 and 3:3 games).  

The NAYB Board facilitates tryouts using independent evaluators to assess the basketball talent of each child.  The tryouts are a closed gym; parents are not allowed in the gym during tryouts.  NAYB Board members and the independent evaluators are the only people allowed in the gym during tryouts. 

NAYB looks to field a Red & a White team for each grade/gender.  The NAYB Board determines the placement of all players.  The Red team is placed in a higher division than the White team. In general, there are 12 players on the 4th & 5th grade teams, 11 players on the 6th grade teams and 10 players on the 7th & 8th grade teams.  The actual number per team is determined at the sole discretion of the NAYB Board.

Following tryouts, if for some reason, when you are placed on one of the teams,  you decline your position on that team, you will be deemed ineligible to tryout the following season.

Age/Grade Eligibility

NAYB has an age eligibility requirement to go along with the grade requirement. Both Requirements must be met. In order to participate on an NAYB team a player must first meet the grade requirement; that is, the player must be in the grade associated with the team they are playing for. For example a 4th grader plays with the 4th graders not with the 5th graders. Age limits also apply. For the 2017-18 season the  following age limits apply by grade:

8th Grade - must be born on or after Sept 1, 2002
7th Grade - must be born on or after Sept 1, 2003
6th Grade - must be born on or after Sept 1, 2004
5th Grade - must be born on or after Sept 1, 2005
4th Grade - must be born on or after Sept 1, 2006

The date Sept 1, is used to be consistent with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Rules and Regulations Governing High School Athletics. 

 Practices and Games

MetroWest plays games on Sundays from December through March.  All teams are eligible for the playoffs that begin in late February and conclude in early March.  NAYB teams practice twice a week; generally one on weeknight & one on Saturday. Official practices begin the week after Thanksgiving and continue until the season is completed.  All Players are expected to attend all practices and all games.  Players who routinely miss practices or games will realize less playing time during games. Since these teams are assembled according to tryouts and evaluations, if your child accepts a position on a team when offered, the expectation is that NAYB Basketball is your child's number one priority if they are playing on multiple teams or sports during the season.  Players participating in NAYB may also participate in the North Attleboro Recreation Department basketball program.  These are run independently and there can be conflicts with Saturday practices or games, so please be aware of that possibility. 


The NAYB registration fee covers each team's  participation in 1 additional tournament. Each team may choose to participate in as many tournaments as they wish, but the cost for additional tournaments will be parent funded. Typically the coach will present to the parents, prior to committing to any additional tournament.s. In the past, NAYB has hosted the Killer B tournament over February vacation in which all of our white teams compete in.

Uniforms and Equipment

Coaches are provided with practice and game basketballs, first aid kits, ice packs and score books for the team’s use.  Players are provided a full game uniform and a practice jersey for the season. These game uniforms and practice jerseys are the property of NAYB and must be returned immediately following the final game for the team.  Families that do not return the uniforms will be sent an invoice to pay for a new uniform and their child will not be allowed to participate in future NAYB season

NAYB Minimum playing time requirements

MetroWest Regular Season games consist of 4 - 8 minute stop time quarters.

4th grade: 12 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
5th grade
: 12 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
6th grade
: 10 minutes per game; no less than 4 minutes in any half
7th grade
: 8 minutes per game; no less than 3 minutes in any half
8th grade
: 6 minutes per game; no less than 3 minutes in any half


  1. These playing time minimums apply to all Metro regular season and playoff games. They also apply to any tournaments entered as an NAYB team. A team is considered an NAYB team if NAYB pays for the tournament or if the team is using NAYB uniforms or equipment.
  2. Coaches may NOT play a player less than the minimum amount in one game and make it up to him/her in a future game.
  3. Players who fail to regularly attend practice or are disciplinary problems can - AND SHOULD - be penalized by playing below the minimum amounts above. In such a case, the coach must get PRIOR approval from the board before adjusting playing time. The player should also be informed as to why they are not playing minimum time.

    • Example of how playing time can and will be adjusted for unexcused missed practices, with the support of the board:
        During the metro season and playoffs players are expected to attend regularly scheduled practices and games.  If a player has an unexcused absence from a practice (i.e. practice for another sport) their playing time for the game that week will be reduced by 5 minutes and will sit out the first half of that game.  If a player has an unexused absence for a game, the player will not be eligible to play in the following weeks game.  If there two such occurrences the player will be suspended from the team.
    • While players are expected to attend them if at all possible, failure to attend unofficial NAYB practices (ie, if the coach gets extra gym time) is not a sufficient reason for a player to play less than the minimum time.
  4. There are no other playing time requirements; for example, players are not entitled to start any game or play in the 4th quarter.


From time to time, a player, parent or coach might have a grievance with another player, parent, coach or NAYB. If a grievance does arise, please follow NAYB’s Grievance policy - click here for the process details. The objective with any grievance is to resolve the issue at the most immediate level.

We advise parents and players to wait 24 hours following an incident. This gives all parties a chance to cool down, vent with others and/or seek advice from others, and attempt to see the other side’s point of view.

We then recommend you approach the individual you have an issue with, as they are probably the best one to recognize the issue and work with you towards a solution.

If a resolution still cannot be reached, the NAYB Grievance Committee should be notified of the issue following the NAYB Grievance policy.


Player is bullying another player - Grievance

My son/daughter should have been on the A team not the B team - not a grievance

My son/daughter tried out but did not make a team - not a grievance

Coach is singling out a player for continued unfair criticism in practice - grievance

Coach is generally abusive and unfair to their team, beyond a reasonable expectation - grievance

Coach/Player on the team has touched my child inappropriately - grievance

Coach/Player on the team has struck my child inappropriately - grievance

My son/daughter should be playing with this group of kids vs. the one he/she is playing with - not a grievance

My son/daughter should get more playing time than the coach is giving him or her - even thought the coach is following the MPR guidelines - not a grievance

My son/daughter never starts the game or is never in the game at the end, but does get the amount of time prescribed in the NAYB MPR guidelines - not a grievance

My son/daughter should get more playing time than the coach is giving him or her - the coach is not following the MPR guidelines - grievance

I don't like the coach's offense. My son/daughter should be getting the ball more - not a grievance

Any behavior in violations of the code of conduct - grievance

Player repeatedly missing practice without notifying coach - grievance

Parent is disrespectful to other parents, coaches or players on a team - grievance

Parent is coaching from the stands - grievance

Code of Conduct - Click to download

Youth Scholarship / Hardship

The youth scholarship / hardship program application is available to provide a potential source of supplemental financial assistance to NAYB players. In order for consideration, please download the attached application, fill it out and return it to a board member for consideration. A limited amount of aid is available every year. 

Click to download Scholarship Request Form

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